Public Relations

3 Click Media handles Public Relations for many of it’s new media and related client base.

3 Click Media gets our clients in the news when they need it most.
We help them stay out of the spotlight when the environment is hostile.
We help our clients re-define themselves in a primary way, their key messaging.

Digital and social media have fundamentally changed crisis communications in the 21st century. Where companies once had days or even weeks to implement their response plans, today they are confront by the immediate and viral nature of the Internet. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube increasingly dictate the headlines of our newspapers and the lead stories on the nightly news.

As a result, the ways in which companies, countries, and brands must interact with their key constituencies are evolving at a dizzying pace. Audiences are expecting more, believing less, and voicing opinions as never before. Today, every battle to determine brand reputations, litigation outcomes, or government policy initiatives is being won or lost online.

In today’s communications environment, any strategy relying exclusively on traditional media to advance proactive messaging and change public perceptions simply will not work. Without a strong, integrated digital and social media presence, reputations suffer and critical opportunities to control the narrative are missed.

Practice Areas:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Communications 
  • Rapid Response Crisis Communications
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Event Marketing
  • Public Affairs and Issue Advocacy
  • Social network engagement and community building
  • Travel and Hospitality